The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month

Made it this far? Nice job.

Want to go deeper? Good news! I have a hands-on, practical, 6-week data science online course for aspiring and entry level data scientists!

It’s called the Junior Data Scientist’s First Month and it simulates your first month at a true-to-life startup company. You will get the same data science tasks that you would get at your first job as a junior. You will work with a real data environment and with a true-to-life, 12-million-line data set.

It’s super exciting and it guides you through everything you need to know – even if you don’t have any coding skills yet.

If you want to learn more, check out this link:


Note: In this course, I work closely with the course participants, I offer email support, we do 1-on-1 calls, we have an internal Slack group, and so on. For this reason, I start classes every second month and I limit the number of participants in every class. More info about the registration on the course website.